The objective of the course is to bring the basic knowledge for understanding the structure and properties of isolated atoms and molecules and their interaction with electromagnetic radiation treated classically.

The topics covered include:

The Atomic and Molecular Physics course is given by Jean-Hugues Fillion and Luca Guidoni.

Jean-Hugues Fillion is Professor at Sorbonne Université. He has developped cutting-edge experiments in the interdiciplinary field of laboratory astrophysics. His work at LERMA laboratory (Sorbonne Université & Observatoire de Paris) focuses on the interaction between UV/X radiation and molecular condensates at very low temperatures, using synchrotron radiation or pulsed UV LASERS. These fundamental studies are crucial for astrochemical models which simulate the evolution of interstellar matter is space.
Spin, Photons and Ices team at LERMA