The objective of the course is to acquire introductory and basic knowledge of the theory of nuclear and particle physics, and of the experimental tools at play in these domains.

The topics covered include:

The nuclear and particle physics course is given by Eli Ben-Haïm and José Ocariz.

Eli Ben-Haïm, is a professor at Sorbonne University. He is the head of the LHCb group within its high-energy physics laboratory (LPNHE), and one of the coordinators of the Nucleii, Particles, Astro-particles and cosmology (NPAC) M2 (second year specialisation). He has been doing research on several topics in the field of b-physics (physics of the beauty, or bottom quark). Currently, he is mainly interested in studies related to decays of b-hadrons into three-body final states that do not contain charmed particles, in the LHCb experiment at CERN

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